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The past 2 years we have collected wonderful material: video & audio interviews, film clips on Fanghetto-life & festivities, old pictures from family archives.

Up to now we interviewed Rina Ricelli, Bruna Pignone, Gianni Ricelli & Franca Pignone, Aart Gisolf, Carel Alphenaar, Marisa Gastaldi, Beppe Trucchi, Osvaldo Schenardi, Peter Brusse, Hedy d’Ancona, Maria Chailloux, Ludevico Hanekroot. We will finalise the interview project phase winter 2020.

During 2020/2021 we will transcribe and edit, write and collect more photos, relevant articles and books.

We very much welcome all Fanghettesi to write down their stories & anecdotes and to share them with us (languages: English, Italian or Dutch) and to mail old pictures of the village-life (please mail before the end of 2020 to

We will launch the book on 'Fanghetto Stories' in 2021 and after that the final documentary spring 2022.

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